Snippets of our Day



Today was completely different than yesterday. August was back to his happy self. So nice to have my sweet, baby boy back. We had a super fun play date with friends this morning that he was excited to go to. I have definitely realized I need to step up any play date at our house. (To this point we’ve only had 2!) But the couple we have been to at people’s houses have been super nice and very thoughtful. Lunch for the kids and moms is included and there have been platters of food. Yes, platters. Definitely will need to step up my presentation skills if I ever host another play date.
We also finally made our own play dough from a recipe I pinned on Pinterest ages ago. It uses jello to give it color! August lost interest for a bit while we were making but came back around once it was cooled. It was super easy and actually smelled yummy.
FYI I’m not liking this time change business. It is pitch black before 6pm now and kids are waking up super early. What’s the point?!? Obviously the sleep schedules of toddlers was not a top priority when thinking it up :)

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